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Eye Gazing Experience with Jolenny Piedra and Emily Sat Sukh

  • Bagua Center 4736 Northeast 2nd Avenue Miami, FL, 33137 United States (map)

We welcome you to join us for an expansive intentional evening of an Eye Gazing Journey with Jolenny Piedra and Emily Sat Sukh.

Jolenny Piedra from Sacred Soul Living and The Eye Gazing Experience will facilitate an Eye Gazing Journey to open up the space within and lead us to a deeper human connection. She will be guiding us as we connect in a soulful and gentle way with our community and friends here at Bagua Center.

The Eye Gazing Journey is carefully curated to assist you in accessing a sacred vocabulary of expanding and heart centered emotions as you lovingly gaze with the person before you while listening to soothing and uplifting tunes.

Emily Sat Sukh will be joining in to grace us with sacred mantras and live music to bring our vibrations into harmony.

No previous experience is necessary.

The intention, the essence behind the event:

-To engage our community in moments of meaningful and sacred human connection.

-To connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

-To slow down together and remember the Truth of whom we really are.

We are honored to enjoy your presence this evening.

We look forward to seeing, connecting, and creating with you.

*Jolenny Piedra, is a certified Spiritual Counselor and Transformation Coach from Miami, Florida. Piedra has rallied to spread a social movement based on honest and raw human connection. She has curated a unique model of Eye Gazing to help open the doors for subtle yet profound connective experiences. Her mission in life is to facilitate a collective remembering and recognition of the essential value and love found in every person.

*Emily is an experienced yogini, singer, and meditator. She has diligently and patiently practiced Iyengar Yoga for 18 years, her heart has been committed Kundalini Yoga for 4 years, and Vipassana Meditation for 3 years. It was through the deep and expansive practice of Group Aquarian Sadhana at Kundalini Yoga Miami that she unearthed her deepest passion for singing mantra.

Love Investment:

Early Registration: $20

Same Day Registration: $25

To purchase tickets go to this link: