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Eye Gazing + Journey Dance [Dreams, Purpose & Co-Creation]

Jolenny Piedra from The Eye Gazing Experience and Sacred Soul Living will kick start the event inside by facilitating an Eye Gazing Journey to open up the sacred space within and lead us in our journey to deeper human connection. We will be guided to connect in a soulful & gentle way with our fellow dancers and friends.

Liza Pitsirilos will then lead Journey Dance*, a conscious movement practice, which creates a safe space to express yourself, nourish your body and feel empowered. Free movement, improvisation, creative visualization, and exploration of your body’s energy centers, will allow you to drop deep into your body, to be in the present moment, and connect with your inner wisdom. We dance to restore our innate ability to dance and express ourselves artistically, therapeutically and intuitively. As we dance as a community we listen and express the bodies own rhythms, movements and dynamics which allows us to make deeper and more authentic connections not only with our self but with each other. The evening of ceremonial eye gazing and dance becomes a spiritual practice and an empowering journey to self-acceptance and transformation.

*Journey Dance is practiced to inspiring world music and does not require any previous movement or dance experience.

The Intention, The Moment, the essence behind the Experience:

-To engage our community in moments of meaningful and sacred human connection.

-To connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

-To slow down together and remember the truth of who we really are.

Participants will get a chance to apply the skills and techniques they practiced in a freestyle dance session. Loving guidance will be shared within the themes of Embodiment, Mobility, Expression and Connection. This will be offered in order to enhance each person’s individual experience as well as the Collective.

Our theme for this offering will be “Dreams, Purpose, & Co-Creation”. An invitation to embody these elements that are present and continue to be offered to us. We will gaze and dance in honor to gathering and welcoming all the parts.

We look forward to seeing you!


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